Relief of Responsability

Certification and Relief of Liability


I, ___________________________________, Player of_______________________________free and spontaneously formalized the commitment to play in the SOCCER CHAMP CUP, soccer event that involves a risk of physical damage as a player and I freely assume the risk of any injury that may occur. In addition, I certify being in perfect physical and emotional health to perform this sport.

Through this document, responsibility book to SOCCER CHAMP CUP, LATINA MEDIA GROUP INC AND SOUTH DADE TOYOTA OF HOMESTEAD  and any officer, agent or employee of the same in its personal character or as an official of the organization, of any liability, claim, demand, and / or legal action (including, without limitation, all costs of litigation, costs, fees of attorney and / or medical expenses) for any injury, accident, blow, fracture, disfigurement, dismemberment or death that may occur as a participating player, including as a result of medical treatment provided in connection with any injury, accident, blow, fracture, disfigurement or dismemberment suffered during the activity.

Without limiting the foregoing, this agreement specifically relieves SOCCER CHAMP CUP, LATINA MEDIA GROUP INC and SOUTH DADE TOYOTA OF HOMESTEAD and any officer, employee or member thereof from any claim for damages, medical expenses, suffering, mental anguish, loss of wages or property and damage to property even if the claim was based on a NEGLIGENCE ACT.

That I will accept the final decision of the Discipline and Competence Committee of the SOCCER CHAMP CUP and of arbitration in any situation that merits. I will respect the competition regulations for which I formalize this agreement.  This agreement will be valid for the duration of my participation in the SOCCER CHAMP CUP 2018 tournament..

I certify that the information provided here is true and correct. I authorize SOCCER CHAMP CUP, LATINA MEDIA GROUP AND SOUTH DADE TOYOTA OF HOMESTEAD  to take photographs, videos or recordings of any kind as a participating player and to use the image, voice and appearance through the different media, whether in the press, radio, magazines, internet, Facebook, YouTube or any network. social or medium for advertising, promotional or pedagogical purposes without any compensation without time limitation. With my signature I certify that I have read this agreement  in a detailed, conscious and detained way and that I freely and voluntarily agree with everything in it.


Signed in Miami Florida today, _______________ of ___________



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