The organization has as a standard and above all the CLEAN GAME, the DISCIPLINE inside and outside the playing field, and the environment of enjoyment, mixed with the passion and tension generated by the competition.

Our goal is to conduct soccer tournaments within the amateur arena, with the greatest professionalism possible; encouraging respect and honesty in sporting activity.




1.1 The football 7v7 tournament on synthetic turf is called: SOCCER CHAMP CUP.

1.2 It begins on September 8 and ends on September 9.

1.3 The tournament consists of teams that are divided into 4 groups. After having played all against all, the first 2 of each series go on to play the Final.

1.4 The first series is played on Saturday in the morning, the second series is played on Saturday afternoon, the third series is played on Sunday morning and the final on Sunday afternoon. After the last game, the prize will be awarded. Matches may start at 8am and end by 6pm.




2.1 The registration to the tournament SOCCER CHAMP CUP will have a value of $ 250 per team, paying the total amount before September 4,

2.2. It will be sanctioned as absence to a game. Presence of a bad player included, that is, not on the list in good faith.




3.1 The role of the seer will be to prepare the match sheet before the start of the match, the registration of players with their dorsal number and respective signature, and registration of captains. It is also function of this to verify the identity and dorsal number of the 7 initial players, as well as the rest of the players.

3.2 It is the obligation of the seer to record the personal faults of the players indicated opportunely by the referee to this.

3.3 The seer is limited to facilitate the normal development of the game.




4.1 The duties of the referee begin at the moment he enters the court at which moment his authority begins and faculties to warn any player who adopts inconvenient behaviors, including disqualifying according to the nature of the offense committed.

4.2 The powers and duties of the referees are to apply the rules and decide on any situation arising during the game in its technical and disciplinary aspects, which are final and unappealable as they relate to the game and the outcome thereof.

4.3 The late arrival of the referee will not be sufficient reason for the suspension of the match except that the logical waiting time is exceeded, in which case the match will be rescheduled.




5.1 The team at the moment of registering with the SOCCER CHAMP CUP will present a list of good faith with 10 players.

5.2 Changes in the good faith list may only be made during the first series. Before the second game, no further changes will be allowed to the list in good faith.







* FIFA LAWS apply to the games in addition to certain modification for 7v7 tournament.


6.1 The matches will last 40 minutes, divided into 2 times of 20 each, with a break of 5 minutes.

6.2 The scoring system will be as follows: • Match won 3 points. • Match tied 1 point.

6.3 To consider a team present, 3 field players and 1 goalkeeper must be changed within the field of play, after the time of tolerance they must start playing the game.

6.4 The team must be present at the time and day that has been cited by the organizers (30 minutes before the match start time). It will be understood that a team is enabled to play when there are 4 players changed within the field of play.

6.5 Before starting the game the players must present an identification (credentials or document) that proves their identity and they will sign the respective form.

6.6 The tolerance is 10 minutes, after this period the team that is in court (minimum of  4 players) can claim the points if desired and will be won the game by the result of 3-0.

6.7 The delegates of the teams will have at their disposal the dates and times before the start of the championship for the 3 matches corresponding to the first, second and third series of the tournament.

6.8 The changes are unlimited Changes will be made in the kick-off and free throws. Any player who, at the discretion of the referee, does not correctly make the corresponding modification will be cautioned.

6.9 The positional change or substitution of the goalkeeper will not be allowed in case of committing a penalty kick, except in the case of serious injury verified by the referee.

6.11 The goal kick will be carried out by the goalkeeper with his, either kick or ball retained in play, where he can not pass half of the court without touching the ball on the ground.

6.12 The goalkeeper will be able to “self-enable” (throw the ball and leave playing) when they catch a ball that is in play, once this action is done, they will not be able to take the ball with their hands, otherwise an indirect free kick will be taken from the edge. of the area.

6.13 The goalkeeper will not be able to take with his hands the ball coming from a pass with the foot of a player of the same team or from a side throw of a player of the same team.

6.15 The corner will be made from the birth of the angle of the corner, with the option of separating the ball 30 cm diameter. The Olympic goal and goal against will be valid.

6.16 The free throws will be made indirect according to the criteria of the referee, except the penalty kick which is direct. The barrier should be located at a distance of 5 steps (yrds).

6.17 The penalty kick will be executed with a run.

6.18 The goalkeeper can go to the floor only inside the area, when leaving the area he is awarded a free throw for the opposing team, and later sanction according to the referee’s criteria.

6.19 The captain of each team is responsible for the behavior of their teammates (verbal excesses, aggressions of all kinds to rivals, referees, organizers, players of the same team) and must check the result and cautions at the end of the match. The referee will warn the captain before these situations and, if necessary, he will make a report by which he can be suspended for the next game. The referee may stop the match and even suspend it due to bad behavior of players and spectators.

The referee is the manager of the game, he and the observers pass all the determinations.

6.20 It will be considered valid, if a player converts a goal by playing the ball indirectly from the half court, either at the start of the game, when the second half resumes or after having suffered a goal against.

6.21 The goalkeeper will not be able to hold the ball with his hand for more than 6 seconds inside the area, otherwise he will be penalized with an indirect free kick outside of the area.

6.22 The law of advantage will be at the discretion of the referee in its correct application and interpretation.

6.23 If equality persists, a draw will proceed. The same will be carried out by the organization in the presence of the delegates of the 2 teams.

6.24 In the eliminatory round if the match ends tied after the regulation time will proceed to the execution of penalty kicks until equality is broken, by the execution of series of 3 penalties and if the equality persists through the series of 1 penalty.

6.25 In the event that a team is playing with 4 players (3 field players and 1 goalkeeper) and a player is ejected or one has to retire for any other reason, the match will be automatically terminated giving the opposing team a winning match. present on field, result that will adjust to the following considerations to know: – If the team that is on field was winning the game will be terminated with the result that is recorded until the time of suspension. – If you lose the present team, the result of the match will be 3-0 in favor. If the match is tied, the result of the match will be 3-0 in favor of the current team.

6.26 If a player is found to be illegally included, the sanction for the team will be as follows: In all matches that player has been included, they will be considered lost for the case that they won or tied for the result 3-0 against, if lost will be subtracted the goals in favor if he had converted any and must pay the fine corresponding to the amount of the deposit.




8.1 The organization of SOCCER CHAMP CUP is not responsible for the injuries that may be suffered by the participants of each team of the tournament.

Each player who participates in the organized tournament, assumes exclusively responsibility for their psychophysical aptitude, assuming the risks involved in any sporting practice.

8.2 During the course of tournament the information can be checked and consulted with the organizers.

8.3 Within the perimeter of the game can not remain outside the team, they are only allowed to remain within the same players of the teams. For any reason or circumstance will be allowed entry into the playing field of supporters or another person outside the party.

8.4  In the case of abandonment or expulsion of a team of the tournament, the points in play of each one of its parties that it must have disputed will be for its rivals, being the result of 3-0 for all its adversaries.

8.5 It reserves the right to SOCCER CHAMP CUP to modify in whole or in part the rules and the development of the tournament whenever it deems necessary for its normal development.

8.10 The present regulation is presumed known by all and can not claim ignorance of the same in any circumstance.